Magical Misty Morning

Foggy Sunrise on the Red River

by Casey Sisterson

May 17, 2020

There are only a few foggy mornings in Manitoba each year. Some are in the middle of winter and leave a land covered by jack frost. Others come with the morning sun and hide everything around us. Both types of fog bring a stillness that permeates the air.

Last Friday was one such morning. For me, these moments bring back feelings of Christmas morning as a kid. I blearily look out my bedroom window every morning in the hopes that something fantastic will be there and on this day, I was not let down. My dull sleep befuddled brain quickly woke up and I was then in a rush as I scurried to my camera gear and was out the door. Given the early sunrise it was important to capture the quiet solitude of the morning before the sun warmed up the world into its usual noisy self.

Old lift bridge in Selkirk Manitoba on a misty sunrise morning.


Sometimes a moment in time is captured that reminds us all that there is an amazing world out there. To me, this is one of those moments.

The sun was beginning to lift the fog from the bank of trees, allowing the rays of warmth to gently kiss the side of the trees replete with spring foliage. I love how the sun adds an orange glow to the fog. The reflections over the waters create a stillness to the air.

Finally, the small Canada Geese gives a sense of scale to the image.

A Morning’s Hello

The old stone church, or St Peter’s church along the Red River is a favorite spot of mine to take pictures. What really stands out, to me, is how the fog blurs the far banks of the river, but the form of that one tree off to the left still seems to jump out. It’s almost waves to you from across the river, giving you a magical morning.

The Best Present

One of my photography passions in life is pelicans.  To be able to have a pelican slowly swim against the current of the Red River while enjoying the morning’s fog is an awesome moment.

Not only was the morning like Christmas morning, but I just got the best gift possible.

Fresh Catch

I love this image not only for the old St. Peter’s Church, the rays of sun burning off the fog, and the pelican soaring along the water, but also for the ripples in the stillness of the water.

When I arrived at the bank of the Red River it was already full of people fishing in the chill air.  The ground was covered in frost but that didn’t stop these fisherman from throwing a line in.

You can see the ripples on the otherwise calm waters of a recently reeled in catch of the day that line up perfectly with the reflection of the sun.

Into The Abyss

Pelicans! Also I love how one pelican has chosen to travel into the fog and another decided not to. Life gives us many decisions and pathways. Perhaps this was one of those moments for these intrepid pelicans.

Life Moves On

With the fog lifting, my two models decided to catch just a hint of light. I love the contrast of the bright white of the pelicans and the old lift bridge of Selkirk that seemingly disperses off into the fog.

It was a great end to a tranquil morning full of nature’s wonder.

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