Tracks of Art.

A Personal Photography Project.

Graffiti, often misunderstood and marginalized, is a vibrant and dynamic art form that thrives in the most unexpected places. “Tracks of Art” is a photography project dedicated to capturing the raw beauty and transient nature of graffiti found on railway cars. These moving canvases are adorned with intricate designs, bold colors, and poignant messages, reflecting the passion and creativity of the artists behind them.

This project celebrates the ephemeral quality of railway graffiti, an art form that is constantly in motion, traveling across the country and connecting diverse communities. Each photograph tells a story of artistic expression, defiance, and the relentless pursuit of visibility in a world that often overlooks these hidden masterpieces. As these trains journey from city to city, they carry with them a piece of the artist’s soul, transforming mundane freight cars into mobile galleries of street art.

Join us in exploring the “Tracks of Art,” where the love for graffiti meets the endless possibilities of movement, and where each fleeting glimpse offers a new perspective on the artistry that rides the rails.

Please help me share my art