Capturing nature, both big and very small, is my Zen.  It’s my moment to focus deeply on a single subject and allow me to escape the noise of life.  I can sit fascinated by the flight of a pelican and get excited about the sound of a bee.  The complexity of nature fascinates me.  

I’m inspired by nature, by the flight and sounds of birds, the buzz of insects, the hidden details our eyes just never see, the way the light falls across things, how the sun rises and falls, how complexity is in every little detail of nature, how fog makes the world a simpler place, the softness of snowfall and how quiet it gets.  Toys sneak in from time to time!  My art shows my love for everything.  It’s an eclectic collection of things that I love and am fascinated by.  I hope you take some time and get to know me through my artwork.